FOXC - Digital Role Model

Source: IHK magazine, photo: Elsa Mark

Because of job rejections I started a quiet time during covid lockdown. After renovating my apartment I got bored and so I decided to learn coding.

Shortly before starting my new job as a junior software developer a dog called "Ruby" 🐾  from a greek animal welfare came to me.

From now on the dog, coffee, treats, leash, blanket etc. had to come with me to the office. Fully packed I kept dropping something and when Ruby was jumping on the leash I spilled coffee all over my clothes. I was looking for a solution but couldn't find one.

This is how was established. A multifunctional bag with a clickable system. You can easily take everything a dog owner needs with you. There is also a cup holder for your coffee☕️

After registering the designs I started marketing them.
Well, what can I say? It's absolutely gone through the roof.
From mid-December to now I have shipped almost 4,500 items.

My ashes from covid has become the FOXC Phoenix.

Thank you for the nomination as a digital role model.

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