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For enjoyment - the Foxc cup holder


Have you always wanted to take your tea or coffee with you on your daily dog ​​walk? But what to do with the cup when the dog needs to be put on a leash or the long leash needs to be wrapped?!

The cup holder is made for exactly this. It can be attached and removed with two clicks and therefore only needs to be carried when it is in use.

The cup holder is one size fits all. In the pictures you can see a commercially available sustainable coffee cup. (RECUP)

Please note: We cannot change physics. If you move around a lot (e.g. running, jumping), we recommend a coffee mug with a lid.

Position: Attachment to the clip (this is attached to the ring of the Click-On system) of the bag on the right shoulder and the snap fastener on the back of the bag.

The product was created by German handicraft and is manufactured in two small factories.

The outer material is a corduroy consisting of:
92% polyester
8% nylon
Oeko-Tex 100

The inner material is a water breaker consisting of:
100% polyester
Waterproof - water column: 1,750 mm

©Foxc - the products and their innovations are deposited with the trademark and patent office and are protected accordingly.

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