The Dog Blanket - Madrid


For a relaxed break - the dog blanket

Olive & dark olive


Whether in the restaurant or in the park, the dog blanket is there in two easy steps. You can adjust the variable ring of the click-on leash to suit your own body length. The dog blanket is placed around the back of the click-on leash and closed with a snap. To attach it, the clip is attached to the ring on the back of the click-on system. The surface of the blanket is made of a sustainable corduroy. The bottom side protects the dog from getting wet and is very easy to clean thanks to a waterproof fabric.

Position: The blanket is clicked into the ring at the top of the click-on leash, placed around the back of the click-on leash and closed with a snap fastener. It hugs your back and can be carried along almost unnoticed.

The product was created by German handicraft and is manufactured in two small factories.

The upper material is a corduroy consisting of:
92% polyester
8% nylon
Oeko-Tex 100

The base material is a water breaker consisting of:
100% polyester
Waterproof - water column: 1,750 mm

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